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Immerse yourself in an intimate vacation experience that integrates holistic wellness with unrivaled luxury and Endless Privileges featuring elegant accommodations, secure and clean environment and great outdoor activities. Makas suites offers a unique experience where wellness is defined more broadly bundles with extra.

All the way from your arrival, we will take care of your Airport / SGR transfer and even offer Chauffeured Carhire services.


We have excellent accommodation ready for your Booking anytime. You can simply use the booking form on our booking page…read more

Makas Suites (12)

Airport / SGR Transfers

We are home to an executive dining experience. Our chefs have mastered the art of the kitchen to make devouring meals…read more

Carhire Services

We are the place can find such great activities like horse riding. You bring your children during the weekends to great fun…read more

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